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Growing Faith, Hope & Love

Growing things brings us joy. Our hope here at Red Handle Farm is that the things we grow will bring you joy too.

In addition to cut flowers, Red Handle Farm offers...​

Handpicked, Fresh, Virginia Grown Blueberries.

This small but mighty berry is tasty and convenient, low in calories, & incredibly good for you!  We love them fresh by the handfuls! 

July is Blueberry Season

Fresh blueberries can then be stored in the fridge for weeks, flash frozen, or made into your favorite recipe. Some favs are blueberry jam, syrup, pie, muffins, or our new favorite -  blueberry cinnamon rolls! 

Is it Luffa or Loofah?

If you haven't tried a luffa scrub, we think you need too! These things are amazing! Whether you want to defoliate your skin or wash your dishes they do it all. Plus, they dry fast meaning they don't get that 'wet sponge' smell.  

We also offer soap with a farm grown Luffa nestled inside.

A cooking staple! 

Garlic has long been associated with health benefits – from curing a cold to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Almost Too Pretty to Eat!  

Edible flowers can be used to garnish your favorite drinks, cakes or salads. Who needs sprinkles or umbrellas when you can have something this gorgeous at your next meal?

Culinary & Medicinal 

Fresh or Dried 

Mint. Basil. Sage. Oregano.

Borage. Solidago. Yarrow. Echinacea & more!

We start seeds every week beginning in January, plus we often have potted perennial plants available to help you get your own vegetable or flower garden started.  

Our flower or veggie starts can be planted in the garden after the last spring frost, which is typically April 19 in the central Virginia area.

Crunch crunch crunch

I probably would have made a great rabbit.  I love fresh veggies & the crunchier the better.  From peas to green beans, peppers to tomatoes, cucumbers to zucchini, corn to turnips... I haven't met a veggie I don't like yet.  Well, maybe eggplant, I'm not really fond of eggplant.  

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