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Homegrown. Homemade.  From our family to yours.

From our fields to our forest, we hope you find something here you were looking for and will love. We thank you for supporting our family farm.


Red Handle Farm offers a seasonal variety of beautiful blooms and fresh foods.

We grow speciality cut flowers, Virginia native plants,  elderberries, garden starts & fresh veggies. 

Fresh and local is best!



Forest Products include a multitude of things we produce from our timber stands, including firewood, custom woods, walking sticks and a variety of mulch and bedding options.



Everything can be made with machines but nothing compares to something made with both your hands and your heart! Each homemade product is special, unique and made here at the farm.

Ordering information for the 2022 growing season coming soon!


We are blessed to have a combination welder, maintenance technician, lumberjack & heavy equipment operator in the family. 

We offer mobile services such as welding, bush hogging, chipping & tilling.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Our "Jack" can't be beat!

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