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Homegrown. Homemade.  From our family to yours.

From our fields to our forest, we hope you find something here you were looking for and will love. We thank you for supporting our family farm.


Good enough to eat!

Blueberries, garlic, edible flowers, & seasonal produce.

Fresh and local is best!

Is it Luffa or Loofah?

If you haven't tried a luffa scrub, we think you need too! These things are amazing! Whether you want to defoliate your skin or wash your dishes they do it all. Plus, they dry fast meaning they don't get that 'wet sponge' smell.  

We also offer soap with a farm grown Luffa nestled inside.

Grow your own

We start seeds every week beginning in January & we'd love to help you get your own vegetable or flower garden started.  Our flower or veggie starts can be planted in the garden after the last spring frost, which is typically April 19 in the central Virginia area.



Forest Products include a multitude of things we produce from our timber stands, including firewood, custom woods, & walking sticks.



Everything can be made with machines but nothing compares to something made with both your hands and your heart! Each homemade product is special, unique and made here at the farm.

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