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We sell our seasonal, field grown, cut & edible flowers to florists & designers,

restaurants & bakeries

& other flower lovers. 

Our seasonal field & forest grown flowers are just that - grown outside without hoop or greenhouses and they bloom seasonally just as Mother Nature intended. (Or not, depending on Mother Nature's whim in any particular season.) Virginia Natives brighten our landscape, feed our pollinators, and heal our hearts.

Our 2023 blooms done for the season.

Pre-ordering is available for next year!

Let's Get You Some Blooms! 


Shop online or send us an email to order.

All orders are Grower's Choice regarding varieties & colors. We think you will love our mixes, but if you have a special request or color palette in mind, leave us a note in the comment section of the order form. 

Flowers will be wrapped in a kraft paper wrap to protect the blooms & do not include a vase unless otherwise noted.

From planting the tiniest of seeds, to getting excited at every sprout and bud that forms, to harvesting the bounty of  beautiful blooms... I'm in awe every time.  "Ohh oh look! It has a new leaf!"  "Ohh oh look! It has a new bud!" "Ohh oh look! It bloomed!!" Growing flowers brings us joy. Our hope here at Red Handle Farm is that the things we grow will bring you joy too.

Part of our mission is to  share our flowers with those whose lives could use some extra cheer, especially shut-ins & those facing a challenging medical diagnosis. If you are a local church or civic group we would love to connect!

The Freshest Flowers

Did You Know that 80% of fresh cut flowers 

are imported from outside of the US? 

Buy Fresh. Buy Local.

If you’re looking for the freshest flowers

to give to a friend or family member, if you need unique wedding or special event floral material, or if you have finally decided to buy flowers for yourself—we can help!

We are members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

You can find us at

Anemone   Aster

Bachelor Button   Basil   Bee Balm

Carnation   Celosia   Columbine   Coreopsis   Cosmo 

Daffodil   Daisy   Dara 

Echinacea   Eryngium

Gladiolus   Goldenrod   Gomphrena    Gypsophila 

Hellebores   Hollyhock   Hydrangea

Iris (Dutch & Bearded)

Larkspur   Lavender   Lunaria   Lupine 

Mint   Mountain Min




Ranunculus   Rudbeckia 

Sage   Salvia   Scabiosia   Snapdragon   Statice   Stock

Strawflower   Sunflower   Sweet Pea   Sweet William


Viola   Veronica 



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