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We grow flowers 

so that florists & designers,

 restaurants & bakeries,

DIY brides & other

flower lovers can enjoy them.


speciality fresh-cut flowers and

edible blossoms

from April - October

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The Freshest Flowers

Did You Know that 80% of cut flowers 

are imported from outside of the US? Buy Fresh. Buy Local.

If you’re looking for the freshest flowers

or if you need unique wedding or special event floral material—we can help!

Cut flowers sold by the

bunch or bucket.

Edible flowers add flair to mixed drinks and desserts.

Interested in purchasing Wholesale? Click here

We are members of the

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

You can find us at

Let's Get You Some Blooms! 

For our Local Amelia Court House Community

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can order fresh bouquets 

by shopping online or sending us an email to order. 

We deliver to the Village area and all of our bouquets are “Grower’s Choice.”  Let us surprise you - We think you’ll love our mixes!

Flowers will be wrapped in a kraft paper wrap to protect the blooms & do not include a vase unless otherwise noted.

Visit our Flower Lover FAQs here

Everlasting Flowers

Extend the season with

everlasting bouquets,

flower confetti,

& seasonal wreaths 

Growing Faith, Hope & Love

From planting the tiniest of seeds, to getting excited at every sprout and bud that forms, to harvesting the bounty of  beautiful blooms... I'm in awe every time.  "Ohh oh look! It has a new leaf!"  "Ohh oh look! It has a new bud!" "Ohh oh look! It bloomed!!" Growing flowers brings us joy. Our hope here at Red Handle Farm is that the things we grow will bring you joy too.

Part of our mission is to share our flowers with those whose lives could use some extra cheer, especially shut-ins & those facing a challenging medical diagnosis. If you are a local church or civic group we would love to connect!

Cultivating over 50 varieties of seasonal, field-grown flowers:

❀Anemone   ❀Aster

❀Bachelor Button   ❀Basil   ❀Bee Balm

❀Carnation   ❀Celosia   ❀Columbine   ❀Coreopsis   ❀Cosmo 

❀Daffodil   ❀Daisy   ❀Dara 

❀Echinacea   ❀Eryngium

❀Gladiolus   ❀Goldenrod   ❀Gomphrena    ❀Gypsophila 

❀Hellebores   ❀Hollyhock    ❀Hydrangea

❀Iris (Dutch & Bearded)

❀Larkspur   ❀Lavender    ❀Lunaria   ❀Lupine 

❀Mint   ❀Mountain Mint 




❀Ranunculus   ❀Rudbeckia 

❀Sage   ❀Salvia   ❀Scabiosia   ❀Snapdragon    ❀Statice   ❀Stock

❀Strawflower   ❀Sunflower   ❀Sweet Pea   ❀Sweet William


❀Viola   ❀Veronica 



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*You must be able to pick-up your flowers in the Amelia Court House Village 

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.

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