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Red Handle Farm is...


A multi-generational farm located in central Virginia. Here at Red Handle Farm, we focus on flowers, field & forest products.  


Flowers are our love language! We grow 50+ varieties of flowers, selling our seasonal, field grown, cut and edible flowers to florists & designers, restaurants & bakeries, & other flower lovers from April - October. During the growing season we dry many of our flowers which allows us -and you- to enjoy our flowers year round. Flowers brighten our landscape, feed our pollinators, and heal our hearts. It is our honor and privilege to share the joy our flowers bring with you.


In the summer months our main field crop is blueberries. We also grow all of the garden basics, and love experimenting with new crops. This year we are offering garlic in addition to our popular luffa products. Last year we worked closely with Virginia Tech to grow a trial crop of mung beans and partnered with the James River Association to install close to 1000 Virginia native trees, woodies & flowering shrubs as riparian buffers.


For fall and winter, our focus is on the forest. We strive to properly manage our forest resources, and support our wildlife habitat. In the process, we make use of the renewal resources it provides us, such as firewood, wood chips, leaf mulch & unique handcrafted wood items. We are currently in the process of becoming a Certified Family Forest and are committed to protecting America's forest legacy.


We are blessed that Papa instilled a love of the land into all of us. We named the farm in honor of the way he painted all of the tool handles red. We strive to continue his legacy of family, hard work and a love of playing in the dirt!






Warner embraces the FUN part of the farm. He loves to explore & keeps us on our toes! He enjoys patrolling, running as fast as he can & riding shotgun!

Grey Nose




Old as the hills, Grey Nose inspects everything we do here to ensure it's being done right! 

Update: Sadly, we lost our 18 year old friend in Nov of 2021. We will miss her watchful eye!





Best known for her kangaroo jumps & snake sniffing nose, Bella keeps a close watch on the happenings around the farm, except when she's napping.





Comet joined us in Jan of 2022. She is a consistent daily layer of HUGE eggs. 

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