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July 2022

This past week has been a blur (July always is) but repeatedly this week I’ve been pondering about choosing your hard. 2010-2020 was hard, in a million different ways, and most of the hard was out of my control. The kind of hard that would just drop me to the floor crying when no one was looking.  Now, long hot 16 hour summer days of abundance are hard, but this...  Read More>>


June 2022

Farming with a baby in tow has been an interesting experience that I wasn’t expecting. Good, bad, or ugly, I never seem to have enough hands. A typical day starts with us going outside bright & early for our scouting mission. With a baby on my hip, I walk thru every planted row looking for new buds, blooms, potential problems and things to harvest. Read More>>


May, 2022

Mama did not have a green thumb. I grew up with no pretty flower beds outside our house and no house plants indoors. But one year, she talked Papa into planting her a field of Iris. In hindsight, I really wish I had heard that conversation. I imagine it went something like, “You want me to do what? Flowers? In the field??” followed with a deep sigh. Obviously she won that conversation... Read More>>

IMG_plant starts.HEIC

April 15, 2022

Starting seeds is one of my favorite things and it is so easy to get carried away! But I have realized there is a big difference between the joy I feel when I am pushing the seeder through the garden on a beautiful spring day and the not so joyful feeling I have when I’m staring down a 300ft row of butterbeans that need to be picked on a hot buggy summer day.  Read More>>


March 15, 2022

Minor farm accident today between my finger & a shovel. Turns out my finger wasn't broken, but when I came inside to bandage it up, I realized that my cell phone charger was. That was totally my cue to go for a walk, soak in the remainder of a beautiful spring day, listen to the birds, and scout around a bit to see what is budding, blooming, or beginning to poke it's head out of the ground. Read More>>

Feb.daffodils in leaves.HEIC

February 15, 2022

I'll be the first to admit, if I cannot run out of the door without a coat on, it is Too Cold... and I find the winter months frustrating. But just as winter is the season for the animals to hibernate & the plants to go dormant, it is the time for us to get ready for the next season. Here, that means a lot of planning, a lot of math, and a lot of exciting progress toward our goals.  Read More>>

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